Dave Glover 2013 Halloween Show

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Tradition. It defines our holidays. We almost universally eat a turkey on Thanksgiving, color eggs on Easter, and drink way too much beer on St. Patrick’s Day.

For over ten years, a new tradition has developed for St. Louisans: The Dave Glover Halloween broadcast on FM 97.1. Host Dave Glover, Tom Terbrock, and a small group of radio technicians and paranormal investigators like Dr. Michael Lynch head off to local haunts to see what phenomenon, if any, they can witness and record.

In years past, the Glover crew has recorded their show from the famous Lemp Mansion, the Milton School, and the Exorcist House – the place in St. Louis where the events transpired that became the basis for “The Exorcist.” Glover’s fascination with the Exorcist events inspired his first annual Halloween show in 2000, in which he interviewed Father Halloran himself (the audio of which is available on the show’s Halloween minisite, linked earlier).

This year’s Halloween show begins broadcasting on FM 97.1 at 4pm, October 30th, and promises to top investigations past. While the locale is private and nondescript, the crew announces that this time there were visible events and a physical attack that occurred, which listeners will be able to follow during the broadcast. For those who cannot catch the show (and really, what are you doing that’s that important that you could miss this?), the show maintains a podcast for downloading.


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I Get It!  Wow, Spooktacular show.  I know Vickie surrounds the house with White Light and calls on the Saints for clearing and protection but what do all of you do to protect yourselves from entity attachments..."Hitch Hikers"?

I suspect the ones using the Ouji have opened a portal for all sort of spirits to enter, like the one that scratched Tom.  If this proves to be true, I would have Vickie close that, as clearings  help activity subside the portal remains open for future haunting.

The caller that pointed out that the entity was talking to others was great and another possibility is "She" wanted Vickie to clear the dangerous entity in the basement.  Spirits can be afraid of more evil ones.

Peace and Light Thoughts!


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That last EVP was crazy! When I first listened to the recording, I was trying to listen past all the conversation to hear any subtle sounds. Then they pointed out that part of the conversation was the EVP -- I was blown away! That was as clear as a bell, no audio manipulation needed to hear it!

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Glover show

 The symbol on the charactor in the photo a circle with a cross is the following.

Sun CrossThe sun cross, or more commonly known as the sun wheel, a cross inside a circle, is a common symbol in artifacts of Prehistoric Europe, particularly during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods.

   I also ran this sounds through a sound processor, seperated the voices and from what it sounds like is.

* No I don't want her to do that.

* No go to the basement

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I'm skeptical about the whole thing.

The evps sound questionable.

As far as the scratches appearing on Toms arm, well I don't know his whole medical history, but from what has been revealed about his condition on the show, he does have the basic profile of a self mutilator.  Of course I don't know if he did that to himself, I would just be more convinced if the scratches happened to one of the other cast members.  

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As someone who knows Tom personally, your idea of self-mutilation is far-fetched, to say the least.

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I don't know Tom personally, but just hearing him talk on thre radio gives indication of neurologicl crosswires and misfires, anxiety and depression. 

Tom also probably has dopamine uptake issues and low prefrontal cortex activity, as is typical of individuals that stutter. 

There are other personality speculations that I have about Tom that I won't address here, but taken as a whole, self mutilation isn't out of the realms of possibilities with Tom's neurological make-up.