Dave Glover 2013 Halloween Show

R.J. Carter's picture

Tradition. It defines our holidays. We almost universally eat a turkey on Thanksgiving, color eggs on Easter, and drink way too much beer on St. Patrick’s Day.

For over ten years, a new tradition has developed for St. Louisans: The Dave Glover Halloween broadcast on FM 97.1. Host Dave Glover, Tom Terbrock, and a small group of radio technicians and paranormal investigators like Dr. Michael Lynch head off to local haunts to see what phenomenon, if any, they can witness and record.

In years past, the Glover crew has recorded their show from the famous Lemp Mansion, the Milton School, and the Exorcist House – the place in St. Louis where the events transpired that became the basis for “The Exorcist.” Glover’s fascination with the Exorcist events inspired his first annual Halloween show in 2000, in which he interviewed Father Halloran himself (the audio of which is available on the show’s Halloween minisite, linked earlier).

This year’s Halloween show begins broadcasting on FM 97.1 at 4pm, October 30th, and promises to top investigations past. While the locale is private and nondescript, the crew announces that this time there were visible events and a physical attack that occurred, which listeners will be able to follow during the broadcast. For those who cannot catch the show (and really, what are you doing that’s that important that you could miss this?), the show maintains a podcast for downloading.